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New Features & Updates
New Features & Updates

Learn about the exciting new features & updates from the MetaPulse team.

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Glossary 2.0 is here!
Client Case Studies
View Graphs from the Search Bar!
New Direct Help Doc Links
New MetaPulse Pricing Nov 2022 - Get started for FREE!
Introducing the new Knowledge Editor
Advanced Math Functions are here!
Browser Find Feature
Always Show The Average Line
Archived Graphs - Pricing Change May 2021
Easily copy or save a graph image
Data Export - Invalid Records
Create Calculated Graphs via Graph Import
Instantly create a Current Target with a Click
Drag 'n Drop Graphs in the order you want
Whatever you could do with Single Graph you can do with the New Graphs
Easily find missing values and no reports with this powerful new Report Feature
Easily see the Incomplete Period (no line plotted)
Show Cumulative & Average
Graph View Share Link
Print Share Link
Changes to MetaPulse Menu Options & Removal of old Single Graph view
The new Graphs view
Easily Compare Graphs with Drag to Compare
Sort Graphs and Hide/Show Values
Drag 'n Drop Graphs in the Order you want
Comparison graphs now have multiple vertical axis
MetaPulse is now officially listed with
Print a Graph from Anywhere
Graph sizes in Graphs View
Easily sort the Quick Entry
3 is a crowd so we gave them all new columns with a cleaner Data Entry table
Easily update or edit graph values from anywhere and see the graphs notes
New Resize Button changes the size of your graphs faster than lightening
Quick Entry Bar Update
Easily edit Graph Settings from anywhere
Easily view the Data Table directly from any graph
Data entry made easier with pre-loading graphs
Legendary updates to Comparison Graphs
Get Early Access to New Features
Org Chart custom terms