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Envisage has long had a Quotas and Targets feature.

Now we've added Current Target.

Use Current Targets to quickly set a target for the current period.

Here's how it works:

  1. Right click anywhere on the graph to open the Context Menu and click on Set Current Target.

  2. The Date range of the target is automatically set to the current period, based on the graph frequency.

  3. Add the Target Value. Note, the default value is the value of the location on the graph where you initially right clicked.

  4. Click Save.

The Current Target will appear as a small dot. On hover, the info panel is displayed as shown below.

Using Current Target On Different Frequencies

In the example below, we've changed the frequency to Quarterly and set the Current Target of $10,000 for the quarter of Aug to Sept.

  1. Quarterly frequency.

  2. This info panel appears when you hover over the target. It shows the Current Target of $10,000 to be achieved by end of the quarter.

  3. This black info panel also appears over the value for the current incomplete quarter. It shows $7,000 in sales has achieved so far, with a gap of $3,000. The gap represents the amount needed to reach the Current Target of $10,000.

How to Remove a Current Target

  1. Right click on the Current Target to open the Context Menu and click on Set Current Target.

  2. Click Delete.

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