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Archived graphs have been a feature of MetaPulse for some time. And as we’ve mentioned in other posts, archiving is a much better option than deleting.

Archiving allows you to continue to use the data in calculated graphs and you can review the data by unarchiving a graph.

There are now more than 31,000 archived graphs in MetaPulse and storage of these items has been a cost we have borne without charge to you.

New Pricing May 2021

Starting 1st May, 2021, we're implementing a new pricing policy concerning archived graphs.

Archived graphs will be charged at 10 cents each, per month. This helps cover the cost of storage and continued access to this data.

To summarise, our pricing policy is:

  1. Active Graphs - $1.00 per graph per month

  2. Archived Graphs - $0.10 per graph per month (hidden from view but accessible by calculated graphs and can be unarchive anytime)

  3. Deleted Graphs - no charge. Deleted graphs can be restored for up to 90-days, then they are removed.

For more information, view our help docs Archive a Graph, Delete a Graph and Restore a Graph.

And if you have any questions, reach out via the chat bubble below.

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