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Introducing the new Knowledge Editor
Introducing the new Knowledge Editor
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We've streamlined the Knowledge Editor to provide simpler formatting options, as well as additional features soon to be released, including collaborative editing, suggestions and comments.

Key Features of the New Knowledge Editor

Inline Format Menu - Highlight Text to Format

Highlight text to view the pop-up (inline) format menu with basic formatting options, such as bold, italic, strikethrough, linking, code format and clear formatting:

Insert Sidebar Menu

When on a new line, a "+" symbol appears in the left sidebar. When clicked, it becomes X and provides additional options, such as embedding other Knowledge items and videos, inserting horizontal line and Table of Contents:

Style Sidebar Menu

For existing text, the sidebar menu provides additional styling options:

The available paragraph options are Heading, Lead Paragraph, Small text, Unordered list, Quote and Code Block:

Below the Paragraph options lies the text alignment menu:

Top floating menu for other features

The Top menu offers additional options, such us Ordered lists, Tables, Graphs, uploading files and adding Study lists:

Convert to new Editor

Existing Knowledge items created using the old editor can be converted to the new Editor using the Convert to new editor link.

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