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Create Calculated Graphs via Graph Import
Create Calculated Graphs via Graph Import
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There are two methods you can use to create graphs via the Graph Import.

Method 1 - Using the Parent Graph Field

  1. Add the following columns...

  2. Add Temporary ID column

  3. Add Parent Graph column

  4. Add Parent Graph Operator column

  5. Under Frequency choose Calculated

  6. Add Temporary ID - note, must be a number prefixed with “G”

  7. Add Operator, such as plus (+), minus (-), multiplication (*), division (/)

  8. Add another row for more graphs

Method 2 - Using the Formula Field

The Formula fields enables you to create more complex formulas and reference other graphs using the Graph ID.

  1. Add Temporary ID column

  2. Add Formula column

  3. Add Temporary IDs

  4. Add Formula using Temporary IDs or existing Graph IDs.

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