Simple, intelligent pricing. 

Charging per USER doesn't make sense... we charge by USE.

That way everyone one your Team can start using MetaPulse.

MetaPulse Pricing:

  • Actives Graphs - $1 per month

  • Knowledge Items - $1 per month

  • Minimum monthly fee $20 (can be a combination of Graphs and Knowledge Items)

  • Archived Graphs $0.10 (10 cents) per month.

  • All prices in US Dollars.

How Number of Active Graphs is Calculated

  • The number of Active Graphs is checked daily.

  • You are charged for the highest number of Active Graphs used during the month on any given day.

  • Each month the Active Graphs value resets to zero.


  • If every day of the month the client has 20 Active Graphs, then at the end of month they will be charged $20.

  • If one day during the month they add a new graph, the number of Active Graphs will be 21 and they will be charged $21 at the end of the month.

  • If a client adds 1 graph, Active Graphs now equals 21. If 4 days later they delete 1 graph, Active Graphs is still 21 for the month. At the end of the month Active Graphs resets to zero, so the following month they will be charged $20 if they do not add more graphs.

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