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MetaPulse Pricing
MetaPulse Pricing

Simple, intelligent pricing.

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Pricing Plans

Start for Free
(no credit card needed 🎉)

Charging per USER doesn't make sense... we charge by USAGE.

That way everyone in your team can start using MetaPulse. Best of all, you can start for free!

Here's what you get on the Free Plan:

  • Unlimited Free Team Charts - Setup as many team charts as you like. Get your entire team organized and coordinated. Completely free to use forever.

  • Unlimited Members - We don't charge per user so you can add your entire team to MetaPulse and put them on the Team Chart! 😀

  • Unlimited Organizations - Great for consultants or business owners with several different businesses, add as many separate organizations as you like and create a Team Chart for each.

  • Unlimited Alerts - Get your team reporting on the good, the bad and the ugly, so you can quickly do something about it with Alerts.

  • Unlimited Events - Events allow you to look back and know what happened, when it happened and most importantly, why it happened.

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) - Enable users to securely authenticate by using one set of credentials via your SSO of choice

  • API Access - Add extract data via our comprehensive API

  • Support - Get help from our awesome Support Team

Plus you can get Powered by MetaPulse faster with paid Add-ons.

Get started today, create a free account and reach out to Support via the chat bubble if you need help.

Pay As You Grow

MetaPulse is the world's first Growth Management System, so it makes sense that it can be used by one-person startup and worldwide corporations alike.

With Pay As You Grow, you can use all the tools of MetaPulse, but you only pay for what you use.

Here's how it works. Note all prices are in US Dollars:

  • You get everything in the Free Plan.

  • Active Graphs - $1 per month each

  • Knowledge Items - $1 per month each

  • Archived Graphs - $0.10 (10 cents) per month each

  • Access to the Growth League

NOTE: Once you enter your Payment details, $1 is required to setup the subscription on our payment processing platform. It is the minimum cost of a subscription so each month you will be charged $1 while your subscription is active even if you create no graphs. If you don’t want to be charged, you would need to cancel the subscription.

If you create 100 graphs in your first month, then you'll be billed $100 the following month. If you cancel your subscription any time during the first month you pay just the initial $1.

Plus you can get Powered by MetaPulse faster with Add-ons.

Get started today, create a free account and reach out to Support via the chat bubble if you need help.


MetaPulse has clients with several billion market capitalization, with thousands of employees that stretch the globe. If you're already operating at that level, then the Enterprise plan is for you.

  • You get everything in the Pay As You Grow Plan.

  • Dedicated Sandbox - your own private MetaPulse playground with all data copied from your live environment whenever you want. This is where you can play until your heart is content or your internal Devs are happy, which ever comes first!

  • Increased API Requests - Add and extract even more data via our comprehensive API

  • Priority Support - Get faster response from our awesome Support Team.

  • Compliance Documentation - SOC2 compliance.

  • Annual Security Report - We'll share the results of our annual Pen Tests for your own compliance needs and peace of mind.

Custom Legal Contracts - Let's figure out exactly what you need and we'll put it in writing.

Pay by Purchase Order - Monthly or annual billing to suit your needs.

Plus you can get Powered by MetaPulse faster with Add-ons.

Get started today, create a free account and reach out to Support via the chat bubble below to enroll in Enterprise.


Adds-ons are services you can enroll in anytime for a one-time fee.

Here are the available Adds-ons:


Our complete Client Onboarding is ideal for those with existing statistical data and Team Charts that need importing. To enroll or to find out more, go to Client Onboarding.

Utilization Sessions

Get the most out of MetaPulse with private Utilization Sessions done via Zoom. You can invite your entire team and we'll record the session for you too! Only $99, enroll now.

Team Chart Setup

If you already have an existing team chart design, we can add it to MetaPulse fast. This includes adding all members and a zoom session to help with any changes. Only $199, enroll now.

Knowledge Migrations

If you have existing policies and procedures in Word or Google Docs, we can help import these into Knowledge for you. Price on application, reach out to Support.

Dedicated Issue Tracking

For Enterprise clients, we can provide a dedicated issue tracking for all of your support issues and enhancement requests. Price on application, reach out to Support.

Custom Development

While we have a definite development Roadmap, we're always willing to provide our Enterprise Clients with an improvement they need in the system that works well with the overall platform. Price on application, reach out to Support.

How Number of Active Graphs and Active knowledge Items are Calculated

  • The number of Active Graphs is checked daily.

  • You are charged for the highest number of Active Graphs used during the month on any given day.

  • Each month the Active Graphs value resets to zero.

  • Active Knowledge Items works the same way as Active Graphs.


  • If every day of the month the client has 20 Active Graphs, then at the end of month they will be charged $20.

  • If one day during the month they add a new graph, the number of Active Graphs will be 21 and they will be charged $21 at the end of the month.

  • If a client adds 1 graph, Active Graphs now equals 21. If 4 days later they delete 1 graph, Active Graphs is still 21 for the month. At the end of the month Active Graphs resets to zero, so the following month they will be charged $20 if they do not add more graphs.

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