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Using Help Center & Contacting Support
Using Help Center & Contacting Support

How to Use the MetaPulse Help Center

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This Help Center contains everything you need to learn to use MetaPulse.

Searching the Help Center 

Use the search bar to find what you are looking for:

Contacting Support

You can contact support anytime using the support icon bubble at the bottom right of this page. It looks like this:

Or log into your account and access support via the "Chat with Support" icon in the top right menu:

Support Chat Not Working?

If the Support Icon doesn't open the Support Chat it's likely caused by the privacy settings in your browser. Some browsers, such as Firefox, in Private Browsing Mode  have privacy modes, as well as some browser extensions such as uBlock, Ghostery, Adblock and NoScript may prevent chat from loading.

This means you're not able to get in touch via Support Chat, which means we can't give you the best support possible.

To access Support Chat do the following:

  • Whitelist MetaPulse with your browser or privacy extension.

  • Use a browser that doesn't have privacy mode enabled by default.

If you do this and are still unable access Support Chat, let us know via email to

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