The M sidebar menu has 5 different views:

  1. Dashboard

  2. Graphs

  3. Data Entry

  4. Org Chart

  5. Objectives

Let's explore the purpose of each.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard has 2 purposes:

  1. Provides a Quick Entry to update graph values.

  2. By default, the Dashboard shows all graphs that are Assigned to you as Responsible Member.


The Graphs view is for evaluating stats across your entire department, division and organization. While the Dashboard view is best reserved for your own assigned stats, the Graphs view is for broader analysis of stats that may not be assigned to you.

For example, a Sales Manager would view their own sales stats in the Dashboard and analyze the entire sales team using the Graphs View.

The Graphs view provides the ability to:

Data Entry

The Data Entry view can be used to:

  1. Enter graph values for any graph

  2. Bulk update multiple graphs

For more information on Data Entry see Method 2 and Method 3 in this article.

Org Chart

The Org Chart feature allows you create your company's organizing chart. 

For more information on the Org Chart, see these articles:
Getting Started with Org Charts
Create an Org Chart


Objectives and Key Results allows you to set and track clearly defined goals for your company creating coordination and alignment. 

For more information on Objectives, see these articles:
Introduction to Objectives & Key Results
New Objective
More documents on OKRs


  • Dashboard - best used to view and update your assigned graphs.

  • Graphs - Great for detailed analysis of a graph.

  • Data Entry - Quick data entry across multiple graphs.

  • Org Chart - Update and view your company's Org Chart

  • Objectives - Create and track your company's targets and goals

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