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Introduction to Dashboard

The Dashboard is the default home page after you log into MetaPulse:

  1. The Dashboard contains all of your assigned graphs

  2. The sidebar is showing you a summary of the Graph Trends and Objectives. For more info, see Trends and Objectives.

  3. The Quick-entry bar, unique to the Dashboard, provides a way to easily update your assigned graphs.

Add Graphs to Your Dashboard

  1. Click anywhere on the Search Bar to open

  2. Choose your Organization

  3. Choose the graphs

  4. Add to Dashboard (note, in the Graphs view, this button would add to Graphs. In the Data Entry view, it would add to Data Entry)

  5. To open graphs click Open Graphs

Modify Graph Settings

To modify the graph settings, see Graphs.

The Quick-entry Bar

The quick-entry bar is visible when graphs are missing values.

With the quick-entry bar, you can:

Add Graph Values

  1. Click Dashboard

  2. Click the quick-entry bar

  3. Enter the missing value and click Save

  4. If there are earlier missing values, the Enter Earlier Values button will appear. You can click on it and enter the values.

  5. Once you added all values, refresh your web browser or reload the specific graph for the values to be displayed on it. To reload a graph, see Reload Graph.

Sort Graphs in the Quick-entry menu

To sort the order of graphs in the quick-entry menu:

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