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CSV means comma separated value. All spreadsheets apps like Excel, Numbers and Google Sheets can export CSV files.

Trouble importing graph values can occur for these reasons:

  • Corrupted CSV file - CSV files sent via email or chat systems can be corrupted during transmission. Try opening a corrupted file in a spreadsheet app and export to CSV, or request the original spreadsheet file and covert that. Alternatively, using a file transfer service like dropbox or google drive with avoid file corruption.

  • Incorrect file format - the file type must be CSV.

  • Incorrect field names - field names are case sensitive, they must appear exactly as shown in Full List of Graph Import Fields

  • Incorrect data - Values must contain ONLY numbers and decimals points. Remove all commas, currency symbols and letters. (e.g. $2,000.00 is invalid, 2000.00 is valid).

  • Incorrectly formatted date - Use yyyy-mm-dd, e.g 1st Jannuary 2021 is 2021-01-01

  • Missing Graph ID - This is a required field.

If you still run into trouble, reach out to support via the chat below.

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