Go to MetaPulse

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Expand your Organization

  3. Click Knowledge

  4. Select a default font for all Knowledge items

  5. You can enter a footer

  6. Select a logo that will appear on each Knowledge item

  7. You can hide or show the Print button on Knowledge items

  8. If this option is selected, it means that each Knowledge item will be automatically assigned to members once its published or edited.

  9. Limit each knowledge item to one draft prevents a second draft from being created

  10. This option extends due date for Knowledge item assignments created for new members

  11. You can select a Knowledge item for the new Alert form. If you are using the Alerts feature in which you use different kind of Alerts as reporting tools within your Organization, it's useful to have a Knowledge item that defines each Alert type that you use. When this Knowledge item is selected here, it will be displayed as a reference document when you will be creating an Alert. See Example - Create an Alert with the help of a Knowledge Item for more info.

  12. Click Update Settings

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