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Client Onboarding

The fastest way to get powered by MetaPulse

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Onboarding is the fastest way to get powered by MetaPulse.

Our onboarding service includes:

  • 4 live zoom sessions with one of our Onboarding Specialists

  • Provide custom video training for all of your team

  • Building your existing Team Chart

  • Importing all members and setting up appropriate access permissions

  • Help you setup Knowledge to store all of your policies and procedures

  • Help you implement objectives and key results (like Google does)

  • Creating calculated and comparison graphs as required

  • Show you how to remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies using Alerts

  • Show you how to create a log of successful actions with Events

  • Demonstrate how to easily track and monitor graph Trends

MetaPulse Onboarding is a one-time fee of $995

Not sure if Onboarding is for you? ....

Schedule a demo session below to give it a try!

Success Stories

Using Metapulse is probably the most useful software for running my business. As an executive trying to delegate my actions to others, this platform has given me the ability to submit my goals and align my staff to those goals, analyze statistics and production, create hatting and study orders, manage my personnel, and increase overall efficiency by over 300%.

Without Metapulse, we are lost, confused, and don't know who is who or what is what. Trying to figure out how to do these actions with Google, or any other software I have tried thus far just doesn't work. Nothing flows correctly with any other program.

Metapulse has created synergy and alignment and has resulted in staff certainty across the board.

Michael Estey
Chief Brands Officer

Brand Networks


The day we stop using MetaPulse is the day we go out of business, and that's not going to happen because we are using MetaPulse!

John Nesbit

The Customer Factory


Our sales have increased over the last 3 months by 40% as each sales person’s sales are getting seen by all the other staff and no-one wants 2 red down lines in a row. It creates a demand to increase productivity more than any nagging will achieve.

Brilliant tool for management.

Ken Warren

Australian Marketing Lists

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