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TIPS & TRICKS: Introduction to Knowledge
TIPS & TRICKS: Introduction to Knowledge

Types, Approvals, Study Assignments, Version Control and Subjects

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Sharing successful actions, standard procedures and company policy with your team is vital to a smooth running, expanding organization.

MetaPulse Knowledge is the one place where you can store all of this information and ensure your team sees it and follows it.

While Knowledge allows you to create and store documents and videos, it is much more than a "storage" or "wiki" system.

Knowledge goes beyond a mere "document storage" — it monitors and tracks engagement to ensure everyone is reviewing the information, understanding it and most importantly, using it.

Every Knowledge item has the following attributes:

  1. Knowledge Type & Approval Process - Create customized approval processes for different Knowledge Types.

  2. Study Assignments - Ensure the right personnel study the item. Assign sections of your organization, specific hats or individual team members.

  3. Subjects - Make it easy to find items by grouping them into different subjects.

  4. Version Control - To avoid confusion with multiple items, version control ensures your team read the most recent version and can prompt them to re-study changes only.

Knowledge Types & Approval Process

Study Assignments


Version Control

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