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API Keys and Authentication
API Keys and Authentication
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The envisage API is accessed using an API key. Each API key is unique to each user account allowing you to have multiple API keys with each one having the minimum level of access required to complete the task it needs to do.

To begin, you can use your own API key which is located in the settings on your profile.

Testing Authentication

The first test you should do is make sure you can authenticate with the server. MetaPulse uses header based authentication, so you need to set two headers in your request: API-EMAIL  and API-KEY . The email is your user email, the API key is from your profile page. 

You can check authentication is working by doing the following command using the curl system utility:

curl -i \
     -H "api-email: <API_EMAIL>" \
     -H "api-key: <API_KEY>" \

Which should give you a 200 OK with an empty body looking something like:

HTTP/2 200 
date: Mon, 07 Jan 2019 02:35:35 GMT
content-type: text/html

This 200 OK means you have successfully connected to the server. 

Individual API Keys

As each API key is assigned to an account, to make a new API key, you just need to make a new user account and then assign it to the teams you need to give it the access you need.

Or, if a specific user needs to use the API, they can just use their own API key.

User accounts are free on MetaPulse, so you can make as many of these as you need. We recommend making an API account for each different API use case to help protect your data.


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