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TIPS & TRICKS: Converting Graph Frequency
TIPS & TRICKS: Converting Graph Frequency

Converting graph values from daily to weekly, monthly, etc

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MetaPulse allows you to view a graph in different frequencies.

For example, a graph with values entered DAILY can be viewed in WEEKLY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY or YEARLY.

To change the Frequency View read TIPS & TRICKS: 3 Ways to View a Graph in Different Frequencies (Timeframes).

This article will show you how to CONVERT values. This action will change the graph's default settings and change how the data is stored.

For example, let's say you have a graph with DAILY values, and you want to convert the values to WEEKLY.

Graph with DAILY Values


  1. Hover over the 3-dot menu

  2. Before converting, we suggest you Export your graph data, as a backup.

3. Click on Edit Graph

4. Click Convert...

5. Choose the Frequency you want to convert to
6. Click Review conversion... The Conversion Table identifies values that are OK.
7. If any values appear incorrect, you can cancel the conversion, correct the values and start the conversion process again.

8. If all the values are OK, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Start Conversion. Please note that this can not be undone.


The values above have been converted from DAILY to WEEKLY.

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