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TIPS & TRICKS: 3 Ways to View a Graph in Different Frequencies (Timeframes)
TIPS & TRICKS: 3 Ways to View a Graph in Different Frequencies (Timeframes)

View a graph in different frequencies including weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, without changing the basic settings or values.

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Frequency is the timeframe setting of a graph. It can be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Each graph has it's own frequency setting chosen at the time of creation.

NOTE: None of the following methods change the graph values, they only change the current view. To CONVERT the values read TIPS & TRICKS: Converting Graph Frequency.

There are 3 ways to adjust graph frequency:

  1. A single graph using Dashboard or Graphs View

  2. A group of graphs using Groups

  3. All graphs using Graphs View 

Method 1
Change the Frequency of a Single Graph

Method 2
Change the Frequency of Multiple Graphs using Groups


Let's say you have a bunch of graphs with the frequency setting of "weekly."

But the management wants to see those graphs monthly.

Using Groups you can easily create a group with the frequency set to Monthly

To change the Frequency on a Graph Group, see step 8 in How to Add Graphs to Organization Graph Groups.

Method 3
Change the Frequency of all Graphs using Graphs View

See step 1 in Applying Filters.

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