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Partner Program

Partners of MetaPulse have several benefits:

  • Branded signup page with your own logo that automatically tracks your referrals (shown below).

  • Ability to automatically add a predetermined series of graphs for your referrals.

  • Access to your referral's statistics (decided by referral during sign up).

Branded Signup Page

Partner Setup

NOTE: Make sure you have activated your Unique Referral Link.

  1. Go to Settings via the Gear Icon

  2. Choose Partner Setup

  3. Edit Subtitle text

  4. Choose Logo for the Signup Page

  5. Edit Sign Up page Text

  6. Choose second image to appear after the text

  7. Choose if you want consultant access

  8. Choose who in your team will have access to your Referred Client

  9. Use this feature to automatically create a default set of stats when your Referred Client opens their new account. To learn more about importing graphs visit Graphs.

  10. Click Save

Your Unique Referral Link will now take visitors to your branded signup page.

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