Content copied from Google Docs or MS Word often contains hidden HTML characters that cause strange formatting issues, such as:

  1. Text appears different when published or previewed.

  2. Text won't align and sometimes extends "outside" the document boundary.

  3. Text randomly jumps to new lines.

  4. Bullet and number lists are broken.

  5. Images won't display correctly.

All of these issues are caused by hidden characters in the text. To remove them follow the steps below.

How to Remove Unwanted Hidden Characters

  1. In Edit mode, select all the text or a section of text

  2. Click Clear Formatting

The text is now "clean" and is ready for formatting.

Pro Tips

  1. For subheadings we recommend you use the Paragraph Menu so that all Knowledge Items appear the same.

  2. To copy the original formatting, use two windows side-by-side, one for editing and another to view the published item, as shown below.

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