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TIPS & TRICKS: Copy & Pasting from Other Apps
TIPS & TRICKS: Copy & Pasting from Other Apps

Knowledge - Best way to import docs from Email, Google Docs or MS Word.

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Copying and pasting text from Email, Google Docs or MS Word into a Knowledge Item can lead to strange formatting issues.

Crazy things like line size, font size and type can all be affected.

Attempts to correct the formatting can make it worse.

What's going on?

The culprits are hidden characters.

The illustration below provides an example:

Two Ways to Copy & Paste

Using the Clear Formatting Feature

  1. In Edit mode, select all the text or a section of text

  2. Click Clear Formatting

Using Clean HTML Converter

Use this method if #1 fails to clear all formatting.

  1. Paste text into editor

  2. Select all text

  3. In the Format Menu, choose Clear formatting

  4. Choose Source Code icon

  5. Select all Source Code

  6. Go to your Knowledge Item in MetaPulse, and select Misc Menu icon

  7. Choose Source Code icon

  8. Paste source code

  9. Click Source Code icon again to return to standard editor view

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