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TIPS & TRICKS: Knowledge Approval Process
TIPS & TRICKS: Knowledge Approval Process

Approving New Items and New Versions

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Knowledge Types are used to create different approval processes for different types of information.

As illustrated below, Knowledge Types can include Company Policy, Procedures or Training.

Each Type has a different Approval Process.

Approving a New Knowledge Item

When approving the first draft of a Knowledge Item the following will appear in the footer:

  1. Publish - This will notify the Responsible Posts who need to study the item.

  2. Request Revision - Send a message to the author and request changes to be made.

  3. Make Revision - Revise this draft yourself and publish or forward to the next step of the approval process.

Compare View,
Approving a New Draft of a Knowledge Item

When approving a new draft of an already published Knowledge Item, you'll see the Compare View which highlights what has been deleted and added to the Item:

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