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TIPS & TRICKS: Team Permissions explained
TIPS & TRICKS: Team Permissions explained

How the Team Leader Role provides Team Access

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MetaPulse comprehensive permissions settings allow for a wide range of possibilities, no matter the size of your organization.

In this article we'll discuss the Team permissions feature.

TIP: Team permissions requires the role to be set to Team Leader. Details below.

Team Permissions Setting

By granting Team permissions to Harry for the Team Chart (1 above), Harry is able to manage the Role, Position and Member profiles below him (2 above).

Team permissions can be applied to the following features:

  • Team Chart

  • Objectives

  • Trends

  • Members

Team Leader & Assistant Features

  1. Once you have created the permission settings, Team permissions will only be granted where the role is set to Team Leader, as shown above.

  2. The Assistant feature also activates Team permissions. This is used for executive assistants who need the same access level as the executive.

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