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TIPS & TRICKS: Quotas & Targets
TIPS & TRICKS: Quotas & Targets

How to achieve goals using Quotas and Targets

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First, let’s define the terms.

A target is what you want to achieve by a certain date. For example, $200,000 in sales by the end of the month.  

A quota is the daily or weekly amount you need to meet in order to achieve that target.

For example, to meet a $200,000 monthly sales target, the weekly quota would be $50,000.

Let’s add these quotas and targets to our Sales graph.

  1. Hover over the 3-dot menu

  2. Choose Manage Quotas/Targets

  3. To set the quotas choose the start and end data, the value we want to achieve over a given timeframe. In our example, to reach our target of $200k for the month of June, we need to make $50k per week.

  4. To set the target, again we choose the start and end data and the value. The Target for the month of June is $200k.

  5. Adjust the line color

  6. Add another quota or target

  7. Click Save Changes

Quotas will automatically appear on the graph. To show or hide targets, see below. 

Show Targets

  1. Hover over the 3-dot menu

  2. Choose Show Targets

Hide Targets

  1. Hover over the 3-dot menu

  2. Choose Hide Targets

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