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Export data may appear strange when using older versions of Microsoft® Excel and look something like this ...

To get the data to display correctly, the CSV file needs to be converted.

There are a few options available:  

  1. You can use this free service to upload your CSV file and convert it to excel format. Note: this site might not be secure. Use at your own risk. convertcsv.com

  2. If you have access to google sheets, upload to Google Docs and export in excel version.  

  3. Follow the procedure below for the appropriate Excel version.

If you are still running into difficulty, reach out to us via support.

Microsoft® Excel (pre-2003 versions)

  1. Open the file in Microsoft® Excel and select File -> Save As, and save the file as type Web Page.

  2. Select Tools -> Options -> General tab and click the Web Options button.

  3. Select the Encoding tab and then choose the "Unicode (UTF-8)" option.

  4. Click OK to close the dialog boxes.

  5. Select File -> Save to save the file with selected encoding. These steps will need to be repeated for each file.

Microsoft® Excel 2003

  1. Open Microsoft® Excel and click File -> New.

  2. Click Data -> Import External Data -> Import Data.

  3. Select the csv file to open and Microsoft® Excel will launch the text import wizard.

  4. Select "Delimited" and choose the "Unicode (UTF-8)" option for File origin.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select "Comma" in the Delimiters section and click Finish. You may be prompted to select a range of cells. These steps will need to be repeated for each file.

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