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Once you've completed your basic Org Structure, the next step is to add the posts or functions to your Org Chart.

The purpose of this step is to figure out the hats and functions that need doing throughout your organisation.

Understanding Hats and Posts

First, let’s define some key terms.

  • A hat is a particular role or occupation. (Oxford Dictionary)

  • A post is a position of paid employment, a job. (Oxford Dictionary)  In MetaPulse it means a specific location on the org chart.

  • An org chart is defined as: A diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and roles. (Wikipedia)

A post consists of 3 parts:

  1. A Hat - a description of what the person does—their function, purpose, and result they are meant to achieve.

  2. A Post - the specific location on the org chart.

  3. A Member - the person assigned to the Post who carries out the duties and functions described in the hat.

Keep in mind that a Hat can be used across multiple Posts. For example, a Sales Person Hat might be worn by many people in your organisation, as shown below.

On the Org Chart this appears as follows:

Adding Posts to the Org Chart

  1. Choose Organisation

  2. Choose 3-dot menu on the section you want to add the new post

  3. Click Manage Posts

  4. Click New Post

Creating a New Post - Hat Settings

  1. Choose an existing Hat or create New Hat.

  2. Enter Hat Name if a new hat.

  3. Purpose - purpose of the post.

  4. Function - main functions of the post.

  5. Results - The results produced or expected of the post. e.g. a Sales person's results could be "Closed deals."

  6. Choose permissions for assigned graphs.

  7. Add attachment to the Hat - for example attach policies, checklists, etc, that relate to the hat.

  8. Toggle In charge, Not in Charge - used for those in charge of a node, such as Division or Department.

  9. Toggle Assistant - will tag the post as an assistant to the In Charge.

Member & Location Settings

  1. Assign a Member to the Post (this person must have an MetaPulse login) or leave as Held From Above (HFA).

    Note: We recommend that you add all the posts to your org chart before assigning the post to an individual. This is covered in the next step Adding Members to the Org Chart.

  2. Post Name - defaults to hat name but can be changed.

  3. Org Node - location of the post on the org chart.

  4. Post Groups - groups to which you want the post to belong.

  5. These options relate to the location of the individual and will be displayed under the Post Details on the org chart. This is useful information for large businesses who have employees spread through a multi-level building or for those with remote employees who work from different locations.

Graph Settings for the Post

Usually graphs are assigned to a member when you add them to MetaPulse. However, you can assign them here too.

Note: If you are designing your org chart from scratch, we recommend that you add all the posts to your org chart before assigning the post to an individual, therefore you can skip steps 1 - 3 below and go straight to step 4. We'll cover this in the next step Adding Members to the Org Chart.

  1. Graphs assigned - will display graphs assigned to user.

  2. Graphs for Post - add more graphs specific to the post.

  3. Add Graph Groups - used for easily finding and viewing a collection of graphs.

  4. Click Create.

Add a post via your Profile

  1. Go to your Profile

  2. Choose Manage Org Chart

  3. Choose Manage Posts

  4. Choose New Post

  5. Follow the steps above under Creating a New Post - Hat Settings

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