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In this help doc, we'll show you how to create your org chart with nested sections, divisions and departments as shown below. (Nested meaning: arranged in a hierarchical structure.)

To familiarise yourself with the terminology, be sure to read Introduction to the Organisation Chart first.

Org Chart Hierarchy

Create Your First Org Chart

  1. Select Org Chart

  2. Choose Organisation

  3. Click Setup Org Chart

Creating Org Chart Hierarchy

The image below shows the sequence of creating your organisation and the settings for each node. We recommend that you first create all the divisions, departments, etc and then add your team.

  1. Create a custom node that will encompass your entire organisation. The roles in this node can include such roles as the Founder or CEO.

  2. Next create a Section Nodes. In this case the organisation is split into 3 sections with each section having 3 divisions.

  3. Next create the Division Nodes.

  4. Next Create the Department Nodes.

Once you have completed the design of your org chart, you can now create New Posts and add your team. Note, all team members need to be added to MetaPulse as a member, see VIDEO: Member Management: Add, Archive And Remove A Member. Keep in mind, MetaPulse allows unlimited users at no additional cost, so go ahead and add your entire team!

Next step:

 Tips & Tricks

  • You can change the location of any node simply by changing the org parent.

  • You can add nodes or child nodes at any time.

  • The org chart will default to a vertical view so that it easily fits on your screen. You can expand each section horizontally as shown below. 

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