MetaPulse has the following hierarchy of elements:

  1. Accounts - paid subscription

  2. Organizations - unlimited per account

  3. Teams - unlimited per account

  4. Users  - unlimited per account

Creating Organizations

MetaPulse allows you to have unlimited organizations. So, if you have several businesses, you can monitor them all from the same account. 

For example, you can create an organization for each of the following:

  1. Champion Printing

  2. Champion Consulting

  3. Champion Charity 

  4. Personal Finances

All of the the above can be added as separate organizations to the existing account.

To do so, go to your Settings and choose Create Another Organization as shown in #1 below. 

Creating a New Account

Each account has a subscription fee (see pricing) and payment method.

Mostly people require only one account. However, consultants and coaches who have many clients can benefit from multi-account access.

For example, you can set up an MetaPulse account on behalf of your client. If you want the client to pay for their own MetaPulse account, then a separate account is more appropriate. 

  1. Click Create a new billing account

  2. Fill out email

  3. Fill out Name 

  4. Enter Time Zone, Default language, Week Ending Day, Week Ending Time

  5. Check Days to collect data (for daily graphs)

  6. Choose whether to restrict data collection days

  7. Create a new billing account

Once a new account is created, you can easily switch between the different accounts by clicking on them.

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