If you send us your Management By Statistics (MBS) Backup file, we can import it for you.

Follow these steps to create a backup file:

  1. In MBS, open the Database Manager

  2. Choose Backup and Restore Tab

  3. Choose Backup Now

  4. Locate the recent backup file on your computer, in your Backup Folder

  5. Ensure you find the Full version as this contains all your data. 

  6. Change the name of the file to include your company name so we can identify it. 

  7. Upload the file to Dropbox, using this link http://execio.link/dropbox which will securely send it to our team.

  8. Open a support ticket by using the in app help chat or emailing support@metapulse.com to let us know the file you uploaded and ask us to restore it.

Allow up to 3 working days for us to re-format your data and upload it.

We'll notify you when done.

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