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Some of our MetaPulse clients have over 3000 stats and several hundred employees.

Therefore we've spent considerable time improving the app's speed.

A major milestone in achieving this is building a new way to view stats, using the features that you love, enhancing them and making them easier to use.

You'll soon see some changes to the names on the sidebar menu.

  • Graphs will become Single Graph

  • Compare will become Graphs

The new Graphs feature takes all of the functions of the Single Graph view and provides a whole lot more, such as:

  • See more graphs and easily change the size - small, medium, large or wide.

  • Resort in any order, A to Z, or Z to A or drag and drop.

  • Drag to Compare.

  • Easily change frequency and periods.

  • Easily edit graph information or values.

  • Automatically saves the current view, even when you logout.

  • And much more.

Check out the full list of features of Graphs here.

Removal of Single Graph

Single Graph (as shown below) will turned off on 1st July, 2019, as all the features you need will be available in the new Graphs.

Why the changes?

The old Graphs feature was written in redundant code that was both slow and troublesome. 

As part of a major overhaul to improve both speed and features, we've built the new Graphs to allow for ongoing development, as well as being more user friendly across all platforms - desktops, mobiles, and tablets.


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