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Formatting your historical data for bulk import can be a daunting task.

But fear not, for MetaPulse is here to help!

We can do it ... for FREE! (No discounts available 😀) for paid accounts.

Here's what we need you to send us:

Send all the information below to imports@exec.io 

  1. Your historical data in excel or CSV format (CSV means comma separated value which is a format all spreadsheet programs can save your file in)

  2. Tell us what frequency you want your graphs in, such as daily, weekly, monthly. You can choose different frequencies for each graph.

  3. Let us know if you want your graphs grouped in any way, for example, you might group them Finance, Sales, Marketing.

Allow up to 3 working days for us to re-format your data and upload it.

We'll notify you when done.

Nice and simple!

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