Members can be given Permissions to provide different access to envisage functions including graphs, org chart, objectives, reports etc.

If you want to provide Members with full access, use the following:

  1. Owners, or

  2. Account Holder

Owner Access

Member of the Owners Permission can:

  • Access all graphs in the system

  • Import graphs

  • Create and modify permissions 

  • Invite new members to the organization

To add members to the Owners Permission follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Choose Manage Permissions

  3. Find the Owners Permission and click Edit 

  4. Add the name of the user
  5. Set Org Chart Permissions
  6. Set Objective Permissions
  7. Set Report Permissions (to access reports written)
  8. Set Owned report permissions (to originate reports)
  9. Set Member permissions
  10. Set Data export permissions
  11. Update Permission to save

Account Holders

Account holders have access to account settings and full control of the account.

To add members as Account Holders, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings (Gear Icon)

  2. Choose the Account

  3. Add members as Account Holders

  4. Update Account to save

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