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TIPS & TRICKS: Inverted or Upside Down Graphs
TIPS & TRICKS: Inverted or Upside Down Graphs
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Ideally a rising statistic is a good thing.

With MetaPulse we operate using these simple formulas:

  • up = better

  • down = worse

When glancing over your stats, these simple formulas makes it easy to evaluate whether things are getting better or worse.

But let's say you're tracking the Number of Refunds. Of course, you'd want that statistic to go down or be at zero.

Rather than having to interpret  "Refunds" as down = better, we provide an easy way to invert the graph so that it follows the simple formulas above.

Inverted Graph 

You set or adjust this under the graph's settings (Values) as shown below and save.

Examples of Inverted Statistics

Anything considered "bad" can be measured and improved. Here's some examples: 

  • Refunds

  • Client complaints

  • Product Returns

  • Late Deliveries

  • Overdue Bills

  • Fines

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