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TIPS & TRICKS: Scaling a Graph
TIPS & TRICKS: Scaling a Graph

There are three ways to scale your graph

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There are 3 ways to scale your graph.

Method 1: Scaling Using the Slider

The vertical scale will adjust automatically as you adjust the slider to zoom in and out.

NOTE: This feature only works WITHOUT max and min values.

Method 2: Using Minimum & Maximum

Note: All graphs autoscale to the lowest and highest values of the data, available as shown by Tab "A" (max = $28,000 ) and Tab "B" (min = $1,200) in the graph above.

To adjust these values follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 3 Dot Menu

  2. Choose Edit Graph

  3. Scroll down Values section and add a Minimum Value

  4. Add a Maximum Value

  5. If desired Restrict chart to minimum and maximum values. (if left checked, the min/max values will be ignored if graph values exceed them)

  6. Click Save Changes.

Method 3: Using Periods

Note: The graph below is the same as the prior graph, with only the last 7 weeks (or periods) shown. 

  1. Choose Periods.

  2.  The minimum has automatically being adjusted to a low of $18k.

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