This article shows you how to upload multiple graph values over multiple dates. To enter daily, weekly or monthly data see 3 Ways to Add Your Stats.

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Step 1 - Creating Sample Data Spreadsheet

  1. Click on Gear Icon

  2. Click Import Graph Values

  3. NOTE: The sample data does NOT contain all graphs. To obtain the Graph ID for all graphs use Report & Data Export 

Step 2: Adding Data to Import Spreadsheet

  1. Column A contains a Graph ID created by MetaPulse and column B is the Graph Name. Do not change the data in these cells.

  2. The remaining columns contain the Date and Statistical Values. Create as many columns as you wish. Make sure the Date Format is yyyy-mm-dd. DATE ORDER MUST BE DESCENDING. NEWEST (ON THE LEFT) TO OLDEST (ON THE RIGHT).

Step 3 - Importing Spreadsheet

  1. Click on Choose File

  2. Click Upload

Note: Depending on the number of graphs and values, there might be a slight delay before they all appear.

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