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There are two methods of creating new graphs:

Method 1 - Create a Single Graph


  1. Choose Graphs View

  2. Click on New Graph

Graph Settings:

  1. Choose the Organisation the graph belongs to

  2. Enter graph Name

  3. Enter Graph Description

  4. Choose Graph Type, ie daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly; or comparison, calculated or concatenated. The frequency cannot be changed if it has data points but you can duplicate or convert it. 

  5. Choose the graph View Frequency, ie to show as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly when viewed on screen. [Note: At this point you could save the graph (Create Graph) and begin to add values. Or you can fill out the remaining fields to customise your graph.]

  6. Choose if you want to Hide Graph in menu. (Hidden graphs are used for data entry only and to add data to other graphs)

  7. Add the graph to any Graph Groups.

  8. Enter Graph Entries: Click on any of the (?) to clarify data about that function. (See below)

9. Enter Graph Values: Click on any of the (?) to clarify data about that function. (See below)

10. Enter any Quotas: (A quota is the daily or weekly amount you need to meet in order to achieve a target). (See below)

11. Enter any Targets: (A target is what you want to achieve by a certain date. For example, $200,000 in sales by the end of the month). (See below)

12. Enter any Custom Attributes (see below): This is primarily a way to add additional metadata to a graph. For example, you might have your own internal ID number for each graph. You can add a custom attribute named "Internal ID" and give it a value. Then any time in the future you can go back to the Custom Attributes section to see what it's set to. This is often implemented when using our API v4. If you have no custom attributes, leave this blank.

13. Set graph Permissions (see below). Assign graph to responsible member and their access:

View: Can only view this graph
Add Values: Can add new values and manage quotas/targets for this graph
Edit Values: Can edit/delete any value and manage quotas/targets for this graph
Manage Graph: Can change the settings and delete this graph

14. Click the green Create Graph button to save.

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Method 2 - Import Multiple Graphs


  1. Click on Settings

  2. Choose account

  3. Choose which Organization

  4. Click on Manage Graphs

  5. Click Import Graphs

6. Click sample CSV to download the sample spreadsheet (CSV means Comma

Separated Value, a format used by spreadsheets)

7. Open sample spreadsheet and add graphs. Groups (column K) must be separated

by a semicolon ";"

8. Click Choose File and locate the update sample spreadsheet on your computer

9. Click Upload

Note: Depending on the number of graphs you create, there might be a slight delay before they all appear.

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